Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH)

We have experiences every day but we may not have realized that the everyday occurrences of our life may be an important soil for nurturing the seeds of understanding ourselves and noticing the divine work in our lives.

A discerning heart begins with our attentiveness and awareness of what is happening within us such as thoughts, feelings, sensations, reactions. As we focus on building our awareness and cultivating a discipline of reflection and dialogue with God, we develop a greater clarity of the distinctions between mental, emotional, physiological, psychological and spiritual movements within us. We learn to recognize the movements of consolation and desolation and through our daily conversations with God, we develop a greater intimacy with God.

God invites us to let Him into these daily movements of our rich interior lives. We ask God to help us listen to Him and to ourselves and learn to make choices out of an interior freedom and desire to do God’s will.

• Images of God and how they affect your relationship with God and therefore, your discernment
• Spiritual Freedom at the heart of discernment
• Developing attentiveness and openness to God and a prayerful disposition
• Discernment of Spirits – interior movements of consolation and desolation

Structure of the formation programme

  1. Four half-day sessions comprising 4 hours per session with inputs and experiential exercises guided by a team of spiritual directors. The sessions will be conducted in a hybrid format, with 2 online sessions and 2 in-person sessions.
  2. Optional 1-1 individual sessions – participants may choose to engage a spiritual director to further cultivate their personal prayer life and develop their discernment process
  3. Post-session tools and exercises for participants to practise and cultivate disciplines of prayer, attention and awareness.


  • Sat 17 Aug 9am to 1pm (In-person)
  • Sat 24 Aug 9am to 1pm (Online)
  • Sat 14 Sep 9am to 1pm (Online)
  • Sat 21 Sep 9am to 1pm (In-person)

Address of In-person Session: Agape Village, 7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319264

Level 4 (#04-03) – ‘Dance Studio’

Cost: $250/- per pax (inclusive of GST)

Facilitator: Anita Yap & Anthony Siow

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