Igniting the hearts of Catholic Leaders in Singapore

The Catholic Leadership Centre (CLC) is a new organisation in the Singapore Archdiocese, to form and equip Catholic leaders to build a vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church.

CLC is part of The Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore (TRCAS).

5 Focus Areas of Leadership Development

We differentiate ourselves from others by taking a holistic approach to training within real-life settings that Catholic leaders are engaged in. There are 5 critical areas of development that Catholic leaders need in order to effectively lead those under their charge. CLC’s training courses are built around these areas.


6 – 7 May 2023

At the Feet of the Good Shepherd Retreat (FGS)

A personalised, in-person, directed retreat for leaders to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His voice, allowing our Good Shepherd to tend to you and restore your soul. (Psalm 23: 1-2).

20 May 2023

Difficult Leadership Conversations (DLC)

The quality of conversations of Catholic leaders & members of the body of Christ at every level determines the fruitfulness of our shared mission. How do we create accountability? How do we engage groups for better alignment? How can we collaborate better? How can we create safe spaces in our groups? These critical areas will be covered in this half-day workshop.

1 & 8 July 2023

Lead Like Jesus (LLJ)

A foundational module based on the servant leadership modelled by Jesus Christ. In the 2 sessions, we will explore the 4 domains of leading like Jesus: the heart, head, hands and habits.

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I thank God that He has answered my inner longing. He has put into words, into life, my inner longing for a personal vocation.

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