Igniting the hearts of Catholic Leaders in Singapore

The Catholic Leadership Centre (CLC) is a new organisation in the Singapore Archdiocese, to form and equip Catholic leaders to build a vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church.

5 Focus Areas of Leadership Development

We differentiate ourselves from others by taking a holistic approach to There are 5 critical areas of development that Catholic leaders need in order to effectively lead those under their charge. CLC’s training modules are built around these areas.


14 May 2022

‘A New Heart’ Day of Recollection (ANH)

Feeling disconnected from the Lord? Facing a ‘block’ in growing in intimacy with Him and interior freedom? This Easter, allow Jesus to heal you and grant you a new heart, a new spirit,  as you grow in wholeness and maturity in Christ. 

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Purpose of the Parish (POP)

Why does the Parish exist? Is it still relevant today? It is when leaders understand the “why” according to the ‘mind of Christ’ (1 Cor 2:16) that they may discern the ‘how’ of their Parish’s mission.

17 Sep and 1, 15, 29 Oct 2022

A Leader’s Spirituality (ALS)

This module addresses the question, “How can I be an authentic and spiritually fruitful leader for Christ?” It helps you to go beyond an intellectual understanding of faith and encounter Christ in the practical struggles of leadership.

I thank God that He has answered my inner longing. He has put into words, into life, my inner longing for a personal vocation.

Participant feedback (ALS)

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