Difficult Leadership Conversations (DLC)

Conversations are at the core of leadership. For Catholic leaders, the quality of conversations of the leaders and members of the body of Christ at every level determine the fruitfulness of our shared mission. How do we create accountability? How do we engage groups for better alignment? How do we collaborate better? How do we create psychological safety in our groups? These are critical areas which we need to be formed in.

Part One – WELCOME

  • Welcome
  • Expectations
  • Importance of conversations in leadership, culture & accountability


  • Most people approach a conversation as a way to persuade others of their point of view. This can lead to compliance and short term results, but it rarely leads to sustainable value
  • Finding the intersection – what are we both for?
  • Brainstorm on how to get there
  • Creating mutual accountability


  • 4 types of conversations:
    • Pretence
    • Sincerity
    • Accurate
    • Authentic
  • Identify what conversation we are having and make a choice
  • Tools to help us deepen conversations to the Authentic level
  • During this session, participants work on difficult real conversations* which they know they should be having, but have been avoiding


  • Giving accurate, respectful and timely feedback with SBI (Situation – Behaviour – Impact) skills
  • Developmental feedback
  • Practise with realistic and practical case scenarios
  • Application of skills on personal situations

*Pre-work requirement
Identify 1 or 2 specific areas in your life where you feel stuck (ministry, personal or professional). A conversation needs to take place but it has become difficult and has not taken place. The situation causes you discomfort and you are not sure how the other party will react. This is important for you and you would like to resolve it with good outcomes. For instance, conversations with family member, team member or peer about repeated bad behaviour (Do Not choose a situation where you are simply announcing bad news).

Date: To be advised

Time: 9am – 1pm

Mode: In-person

Address: Agape Village, 7A Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319264

Location: Multi-Purpose Room 2 (MPR2), 3rd floor

Cost: $100/- per pax (inclusive of GST)

Lead Facilitator: Adrian Chong

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