Our Services

CLC has two main service offerings – Training & Consulting.


At the Catholic Leadership Centre, we believe that transformation in the Church and society begins with ongoing conversion of each leader across 3 leadership domains. This is how we structure and organise our training courses:


This revolves around the 4 core dimensions of:

Identity in Christ

Recognising that we are God’s beloved, through our baptism and sharing in Christ’s mission of priest, prophet, king. Acknowledging our role as members of the Body of Christ. Learning to discern our personal vocation & charisms.

Intimacy with Christ

Having a personal relationship with the Holy Trinity through prayer, and cultivating the following our Blessed Mother.

Imitation of Christ

Discipleship and Servant leadership (John 13:14-15).

Integration for Christ

Developing self awareness to integrate the interior & exterior life; Living a life of integrity, finding inner healing & reconciliation; growing in maturity and union with God. Having an intellectual understanding of the role of leaders in the nature and mission of the Church. Learning to practice intentional leadership.

Group / Relational Leadership

This encompasses the following areas:

Community Leadership

Building your community on trust. Listening, authentic conversations, difficult conversations, conflict resolution. Group dynamics.

Compassionate Leadership

Spiritual accompaniment for leaders & by leaders.

Collaborative Leadership

How to inculcate collaboration (within and beyond the Church). How to facilitate purposeful and participative meetings.

Parish / Organisational Leadership

This encompasses the following areas:


Discerning Parish/Organisational purpose.


Shaping a culture of collaboration (within the Church & beyond the Church).


Strategic planning and execution.

We offer customised tracks for Parishes and organisations, co-curated with Parish Priests/Heads of Organisations that can be conducted at the Parish/Organization residence. Tracks may include servant leadership, empowerment retreat, workshops on community-building, spiritual accompaniment for leaders and by leaders, dialogue, group discernment of Parish’s mission field and how to engage parishioners.


CLC also provides consulting services to Parish Priests on organisational leadership matters so that the parish is better enabled for mission. In this respect, we act as collaborators, facilitators and mentors to journey with the Parish leadership team.

Our team of consultants can serve as a sounding board, advising Parishes on one-off projects, or on a short or long term basis. Some of our core competencies include situational sensing, strategic planning and goal setting, putting together a strong leadership support structure, communications, governance and pastoral administration.