A Leader’s Spirituality (ALS)

Feedback from past ALS trainees:

“Inspiring and actionable! I managed to take action on some areas of work that needed my leadership and attention. I’m so grateful.”

“Ann is a very insightful trainer who powerfully demonstrates through her lift story what she shares and hopes for us to grow in.”

“I thank God that He has answered my inner longing. He has put into words, into life, my inner longing for a personal vocation.”

“I have been searching for a course like this since my Conversion Experience Retreat (CER) and Parish Conversion Retreat (PCR) years ago.”

“Your mind will be blown away with provoking thoughts and ways to better recognise God working in your life.”

“It is something leaders need to know, to hear and be aware of in themselves. It caters more to the interior formation of the person.”

“ALS is a great jumping off point to reflect on one’s own spiritual state and relationship with God, and understanding how that is fundamental in being a good Christian leader.”

A Leader’s Spirituality addresses the question, “How can I be an authentic and spiritually fruitful leader for Christ?” This module combines Church teaching on the mission of the laity with a practical psycho-spiritual approach that helps you to go beyond an intellectual understanding of faith and encounter Christ in the practical struggles of leadership.

The course consists of 4 live Zoom meetings (3 hours each) including in-depth Q&A sessions that address concrete issues you are facing. There are worksheet exercises and curated readings for reflection, praxis and spiritual deepening that support you beyond this course.

The module’s four segments will address four inter-connected dimensions of discipleship and leadership:

1. The indispensable necessity of an interior life and how it empowers us to live out eternal truths in temporal life and leadership.

2. The 3 layers of life that we need to integrate in order to lead with confidence from our core identity in Christ.

3. Three common temptations for leaders to be motivated by relevance, popularity, and power and how these attack our wounded core identity;

4. The path to discovering our own authentic gifts as a leader by progressively discerning and fully living our unique and unrepeatable personal vocation

All live sessions are recorded and made available through the Integrō Formation digital library until 31 December 2022 (www.integroformation.com). The Zoom sessions are interactive and include journaling and reflection breaks. 

Full engagement with the curriculum will give you the practical knowledge on how to begin leading more contemplatively and mindfully out of your true identity in Christ.

Live Sessions: Saturdays on 23 Sep, 7 Oct, 21 Oct, 4 Nov 2023 (4 sessions in total)

Time: 9am - 12noon

Mode: Online (Zoom)

Cost: $240/- per pax

Speaker:   Ms. Ann Yeong

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