Lead Like Jesus (LLJ)

Feedback from past LLJ trainees:

“Through this training module, I have learned to give more encouragement to others.”

“I have learned to be more purposeful and conscious in trying to lead like Jesus, with Jesus as my role model.”

“Takes leadership to the heart of the matter; practical and thought provoking; good techniques to help ourselves and others to deal with change.”

“In future, I will reflect on my motivations when I lead.”

“I learned that leadership is a heart issue, not just about your head. And that forgiving others is more about living out God’s example and not just about what’s fair.”

A foundational module (3 sessions) based on the servant leadership modelled by Jesus Christ. In this module, we will explore the 4 domains of leading like Jesus:

  • Heart - Intention and motivation of a leader
  • Head - Beliefs about leadership and motivation
  • Hands - Methods and behaviour of a leader
  • Habits - 'Being' habits (Scripture, Solitude, Support) and 'Doing' habits (Offer Grace, Forgiveness, Encouragement & Community)

This is an interactive leadership development workshop that exposes common leadership misconceptions and offers a practical model based Jesus’ servant leadership.

Lead Facilitator: Ms Anita Yap

To find out more or to enquire about customised training, please send an email to rofina.tham@catholic.org.sg.