Heart-to-Heart Convos (H2H)

This Listening Recollection provides participants a sacred time and safe space to reflect silently and listen to God in His Word. Thereafter they are invited to listen to one another without judgment and receive the gift of being listened to with undivided attention, within small groups. 

Listening is the foundation of all relationships. Listening to God speak to us is the privilege of our discipleship. Listening to ourselves in silent reflection aids us to grow in self-awareness. Listening to others compassionately without judgment is a loving gift to the other and paves the way for a heart-to-heart dialogue, for accompaniment, facilitating and mentoring. Listening to God, ourselves, to others and to the sign of the times are the keys to discernment of His will for us and our community. 
Do you desire to be a better leader or a better companion in journeying with others? Start with being a better listener. 

Date: 20 Apr 2024 (Saturday) OR 11 May 2024 (Saturday)

Time: 9.30am – 3.30pm

Venue: Kingsmead Centre, 8 Victoria Park Rd, Singapore 266492

Cost: $100 (Lunch and GST included)

Lead Facilitator: Ms Anita Yap

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