Training Modules

We offer scheduled training modules at various times of the year that are open to registration from individuals and small groups:

Scheduled Training

14 May 2022

A New Heart (ANH) Day of Recollection

Feeling disconnected from the Lord? Facing a ‘block’ in growing in intimacy with Him and interior freedom? This Easter, allow Jesus to heal you and grant you a new heart, a new spirit,  as you grow in wholeness and maturity  in Christ.

Coming soon

Purpose of the Parish (POP)

Why does the Parish exist? Is it still relevant today? It is when leaders understand the “why” according to the ‘mind of Christ’ (1 Cor 2:16) that they may discern the ‘how’ of their Parish’s mission. Drawing from Vatican II and subsequent church teachings and pastoral reflections, this module is foundational for Parish leaders.

17 Sep and 1, 15, 29 Oct 2022

A Leader’s Spirituality (ALS)

This module addresses the question, “How can I be an authentic and spiritually fruitful leader for Christ?” It helps you to go beyond an intellectual understanding of faith and encounter Christ in the practical struggles of leadership.

Customised Training

To build up your leadership team

We offer customised tracks for parishes and organisations, co-curated with Parish Priests/Heads of Organisations that can be conducted at the Parish/Organisation residence. These are some of our tracks that we have curated and are available:

Lead Like Jesus (LLJ)

A foundational module based on the servant leadership modelled by Jesus Christ. In the 3 sessions, we will explore the 4 domains of leading like Jesus: the heart, head, hands and habits.

Community-Building: Trust (TRU1)

Through conversations and interactive group activities, participants will develop a shared understanding of trust and take personal responsibility for how they can develop deeper levels of trust at an inter-personal and group level.

Community-Building: Trust (TRU2)

In this second part of the Trust module, you will identify your triggers and needs when mistrust arises and learn deep listening, empathy, questions, apology, and mutual feedback in facilitating conversations to restore trust.

Awareness & Accompaniment (AA)

This formation is about supporting leaders to grow in self-awareness, as well as relational awareness within a group, experiencing being accompanied within the community and so, in turn, accompanying others entrusted to them.

Leadership Values: Crucible Events (CRU)

Discover your leadership values forged from your own life experience. Get to know one another as unique children of God (beyond our tasks and functions), through sharing your leadership story.

Facing My Shadows – Day of Recollection (FMS)

Many are afraid of facing our interior shadows, past hurts and wounds, which if unacknowledged or unhealed, hinder us from freely following Christ’s lead and authentically leading others to Christ. Where do we find the courage and grace to face our shadows? Psalm 91:1 tells us.

Customised Training

To enhance your leaders’ practical skills

Purpose, Strategy & Planning (PSP)

A practical workshop for leaders and team members to critically examine their Purpose, Vision & Mission, review and formulate strategic plans, goals & objectives, and execute in a timely & effective manner.

Facilitate Participative Meetings (FPM)

Learn key techniques to facilitate effective group discussions or meetings.  Engage with and harness group wisdom for decision-making, routine discussions, planning and learning. 

To find out more about any of these customised training modules for your parish, contact Rofina at