How We Mentor (MENT)

We are called to journey with one another In the spirit of synodality. Mentorship is one of the ways of journeying together and is integral to community life and ministry in the Catholic Church, as well as to life in the home and at work. Why do I need to mentor others? How does Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, through popes like Pope St John Paul II and saints like St Teresa of Calcutta, illumine what this mentoring is about? How do I be a mentor? These and other fundamental questions will be addressed.

The heart of mentoring is the art of listening deeply. In Part A of the video series, you will learn the theological basis relating to our call to holiness and personal vocation. In Part B, you will learn the practical aspects of mentoring. In our facilitated group session, you will be equipped to skillfully ask questions and to listen empathetically. The one-to-one session will assist to review and address challenges you may face in your mentoring journey.

Suitable for:

  • Mentors of the Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELISHA)
  • Pastoral staff of Parishes & Archdiocesan Organisations
  • Leaders & members of Ministries
  • Leaders & members of Communities

Format: Hybrid format, comprising online videos (self-study) + facilitated Q&A (group)

  • Orientation – 1.5 hrs (via Zoom)
  • Self-study by mentor (with online questionnaires to be completed)
  • Facilitated Group Session – 2.5 hrs (in-person)
  • One-to-one session – to take place upon prior appointment with Mentor-Facilitator (45 min)

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